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The reason why Big companies use 3D product animation for product launches.

3d product animation

3D product animation has now become a trend that all companies use to launch their products.

Probably most of the big companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others use 3D Photorealistic rendering in their commercial ads.

They either use a commercial that is 100% CG (Computer generated) and some other companies combine 3D product animation and real footage shot on real cameras.

But we should think about the reason why they go in this direction instead of the traditional ways.

1- 3D Product animation allows maximum flexibility:
When you have a 3D model of the product, you can do whatever you want in the software.
For example, you can make some shots that can’t be done in real life to capture all of the details that you want to show to your audience.

2- 3D product animation videos identify your product as a“Premium” Product:

Remember the companies listed above uses 3D animation videos for product commercials?
All the market leaders go in this direction. So if you use the same way they launch their products, you are already miles ahead of your competitors.

Because you say to your customer we produce visuals as the premium companies do and we are on the same level.

3- 3D Commercials explain themselves:
If you want to explain how your product works or want to show some specific features that make stand out from the competitors, this is more than easy if you use a 3D animation video for your product.

Have a look at the video we have done to show the Noise cancellation in Sony earbuds.

4- Exploded Views:
Want to show the interior of the product?
This is easy. Exploded view shots in 3D product animation allow to show the interior of the product. It is interesting to watch in the first place and also explains how the product work behind the scenes

Watch the latest Showreel where we made an exploded view shot:

So with that being said are you ready to elevate the value of your product?
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