3D Animated Cosmetics Video for Paris Hilton Products

Cosmetics 3D product visualization

1. Introduction

  • A brief overview of Paris Hilton’s product line.

  • The aim of the video: Showcasing the elegance and effectiveness of the products.

2. Concept and Design

  • Aesthetic Theme: Luxurious and modern, reflecting Paris Hilton’s brand image.

  • Color Palette: Soft, pastel shades mixed with bold, glamorous accents.

3. Video Structure

  • Opening Scene: A glamorous introduction featuring Paris Hilton’s logo and a catchy tagline.

  • Product Showcase:

    • Various products elegantly displayed.

    • Camera pans over products, highlighting their unique design and features.

Beauty Pass

Cosmetics video ideas

Ambient Occlusion Pass

Ambient occlusion

In this shot we want to show how the skin is transformed from rough to smooth and shiny by using the skin

Cosmetics video ideas

Imagine having a cool 3D animation video for your product.
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