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10 Best Product Videos for E-commerce to Boost Conversions

In this blog post we will cover the 10 best examples of product videos that you can upload to your E-commerce store to help you optimize and boost conversion rates and even level up your video marketing game but first, let’s have a quick introduction

Understanding Product Videos for E-commerce

A product video for e-commerce is the best way to showcase your product and give the customers the best experience to imagine how the product will look in their hands, and how will use the product. Also, it is a game changer if you want to highlight the solutions that your product offers. These videos will be the main driver for your customers to learn more about your products and make the decision to purchase them. According to Hubspot, more than 65% of customers decide to buy after seeing a video illustrating the uses of the product and how it excels from the other products in the market

How Do You Market a Product Video for E-commerce?

1- Optimize For SEO
2- Social Media Promotin

Effective Marketing Strategies for Product Videos in E-commerce

Marketing a product video for e-commerce involves several key strategies to ensure it reaches and resonates with your target audience, there are 5 benefits of using videos in your marketing campaign.

  1. Optimize for SEO: If your product is a massage gun, then the keyword “Massage gun” should be your target to focus on, all of your videos, and descriptions should have this keyword to be able to rank for it.
  2. Social Media Promotion: Sharing videos on social media and making ads out of these videos can really level up the level of exposure you are getting. The algorithm now is really good at identifying who is interested in what you are selling, a lot of media buyers advise you to make a good video and you may leave the targeting empty, and the social media platforms will send your ad to your audience

How Can Video Enhance an E-commerce Website’s Product Page?

The Impact of Product Videos on E-commerce Pages

A short answer is better conversion rates and more sales, Although making a video on the landing or a sales page is obvious not everyone is doing that. So this is an unfair advantage that must be taken advantage of. Making quality videos that explain the solutions that the product solves, adding unique selling points, and showing how your product excels as a game changer

How Long Should a Product Video Be for E-commerce?

Optimal Length for E-commerce Product Videos

We must say that every case has its own conditions but generally speaking, a video can be 30 to 60 seconds long, from our experience this is the optimal length for product videos. There are other types of videos like installation videos and how-to that can go for longer than 1 minute and up to 2 minutes, but these videos can be uploaded on YouTube as a playlist to act as a guide for the user but for the main feature videos, this can be considered a long video

1- Cubii 3D Explainer Product Video

Cubii used this video to showcase their new “Cubii GO” to update their E-commerce stores. The video aimed to illustrate how the product has levels of resistance, compact size, LCD screen display and a silicone handle for ease of movement

Timeline: This video took 2 weeks to be completed from agreeing on the storyboard and the production phase

Testimonial: 5 Starts on Clutch, Cubii’s team was impressed by the quality and showcasing all of the Unique selling points in a short time
Read the full testimonial

Product video for E-commerce

2- Zuvi Halo

Zuvi approached us to make a 30-second 3D animation video. the main aim was to show the elegant design and showcase the premium texture of the new hairdryer. this spot includes some engaging exploded views to add a wow moment

Project timeline: 3 Weeks from developing the mood board and rendering the 3D Animation

3- Wilkinson Sword E-commerce Product Video

A unique design needs a unique video. Wilkinson Sword released one of their new Razor’s most innovative, elegant designs. They needed a product video to showcase the elegance of the design and to promote the product using this video in their E-commerce. One of the most important points to show is the 5-blades, we showed this feature as an exploded view. this way it stuck to the mind viewer, we also made a morphing shot of a sword that turns into a Razor which creates a hook at the beginning.

Testimonial: 5 Stars on Clutch

Read the Full Review on Clutch

E-commerce product video

4- Monster 360 Rockin’ Roller

This video was our first collaboration with Monster which turned into another collaboration after they saw the results of this video. This video showcases their latest product Rockin’ 360. The unique selling point of these speakers is the terrain of the wheels so it can be easily transported in different environments which we used as a hook at the beginning.

5- SSR Product Video

Some technical products need a very custom video to deliver the message and to be understandable to the audience. SSR has an innovative product to clean warehouses. They have up-to-date technology to use a vibrator motor which is more efficient.

Testimonial: 5 Reviews on Clutch

Read Full Review

6- iClean Dog Wash

iClean Dog Wash is an innovative company providing solutions to pet owners. They need a creative way to showcase their product line. they managed to make their product launch videos with 3D Animation due to their flexibility and efficiency. we were able to generate 8 videos for each product and images in just 1 month

7- Borg & Overstrom Video For E-commerce

Borg & Overstrom approached us to make a video for their latest flagship “The B6”. We worked on a storyboard that shows the journey of the water inside the dispenser and how fast the cooling happens.

The video was the main marketing material in their marketing campaign announcing the product.

8- Pippa Of London

3D Animation videos solve production issues, So if you have a limited budget, and a short deadline to publish the video, A 3D Animated video is your friend in this case. Pippa Of London only had 2 weeks to make this video so they decided to make an animated video to save them time.

This video was made in only 2 weeks. they were very happy to meet the deadline with a quality video like this.

9- Monster X6 3D Product Video

This is the second collaboration with Monster after working on the Monster 360 Rockin’ Roll, We had a similar approach to show how the product fits an indoor or an outdoor party. We aimed to make digitally realistic environment so we could give the viewer the best scenario so he can see how practical the speakers are.

10- Degree Seven

Degree Seven is a company selling sunglasses based in the United States. they have an e-commerce store and they wanted a video to promote their product. The unique selling points is that this product can be assembled and disassembled and 100% handmade. made of titanium

If you want an efficient way to produce product videos for your E-commerce store, 3D Animation is the way to go.
You can easily create videos and produce product images with maximum flexibility compared to traditional ways.
Also, you can make shots that can’t be done using traditional videos to wow your customers and educate them about your product

If you would like to produce a video like this, let’s collaborate together, BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION CALL with us today, and let’s discuss your project or reach out by email

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