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3D product animation – When a big company like Apple launches an important product like the iPhone, special preparations should be done because it is considered the most awaited product worldwide.

Apple has a special direction in launching their products which is using 3D product animation videos.

But What are the steps required to produce a 3D product animation video?

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How apple made the IPhone 13 trailer

Step 1: Making a 3D model of the Phone
3D modeling is a crucial step in producing 3D product animation, as it is the base step for all the following steps.

3D modeling is always done using special software with accurate measurements provided by the designers and engineers.

It is very important to pay attention to all the fine details of the 3D model because the 3D visualization should be identical to the real phone.

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Step 2: Shading

Shading is considered an artistic step in the 3D production phase.

It is important for the photorealistic look of the 3D product visualization.

In the Shading step, Materials and textures are applied to the 3D model with accurate colors and reflections to display the 3D model as the real phone.

Step 3: Animation

The animation step is divided into 2 substeps, either animation of the product itself or Camera animation in the scene.

The 3D product animation videos made by apple are characterized by the subtle movement of the camera and the product. 

The most used camera animation is simple rotation around the phone and maybe some closeups on the cameras.

Here is a video that we made showing different camera animation for product commercials

Step 4: 3D Photorealistic Rendering


Rendering is the final step in the production phase.

3D Rendering is the step that converts the 3D data to photorealistic images.

It is done using special software that simulates the physics of lighting and how the photons of the light act.

here are some photorealistic Rendering examples made by our studio

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So imagine that you have a video like this for your product!

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3D product animation – How Apple made the iPhone 13 Video?

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