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In this post, we collected the best 3D Product Animation Video examples in 2024.
these 3D Product animation video examples produced by our 3D animation company proved exceptional ROI in marketing campaigns

What is a 3D Product Animation Video?

3D Product Animation videos are the most modern way to promote your product and market your brand. 3D product animation depends heavily on the latest technology in 3D and CGI. These 3D animated product videos are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing due to their efficiency. you can produce a cinematic, high-quality 3D product video in a very short period of time when it is compared to the traditional ways of filming videos. A dynamic portrayal of a product made with computer-generated imagery (CGI) is called a 3D product animation video. 3D product animation videos are considered the new generation of 2D computer graphics. 3D Animated product videos get 3X the engagement of normal videos, it can really affect your SEO, as you can create many videos and post them online and embed them to your website which will increase the time people spend on your website


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We collected some of the best animated videos produced by our 3D Product animation company / Explainer Video company

1- Cubii 3D Product animation video:

To redesign their online stores, Cubii made a 3D Product video video to promote their new “Cubii GO.” The objective of the video was to illustrate the product’s levels of resistance, its compact LCD screen display, and silicone handle for comfort.

Timeline: From the point of agreement on the storyboard to the production stage, the completion of this video took two weeks.

Testimonial: 5 Starts on Clutch, Cubii’s team was impressed by the quality and showcasing all of the Unique selling points in a short time
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We were impressed by how quickly they created and delivered the animations. We are satisfied with Dr-VFX's animations and excited to use animations for their future advertising initiatives. The team delivered all items on time despite having a tight timeline and communicated effectively through emails and messaging apps. Overall, they offered an outstanding service

Allie MyersSenior E-Commerce Project Manager, Cubii

2- Wilkinson Sword 3D Animated Product Video / 3D Explainer Video

An exceptional design needs an exceptional video. Wilkinson Sword released one of their new Razor’s most innovative, elegant designs. They needed a product video to showcase the newest design they came up with and to promote the product using this video on social media. The key point is to show is the 5-blades, we showed this feature as an exploded view. this way it stuck to the mind viewer, we also made a transformation shot of a sword that turns into a Razor which creates a hook at the beginning.

Testimonial: 5 Stars on Clutch
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3- Mudra Band 3D Product Animation:

Wearable Devices is a company that produces accessory products exclusively for Apple. We produced a 3D animated product video to showcase their latest technology and how comfortable is the band.
Using 3D Product Animation, we were able to make a 3D representation of the band and show how flexible it is. The video was used during CES 2024

4- Zuvi 3D Animated Explainer Product Video:

Zuvi asked us to create a 3D product animation video that ought to last 30 seconds. The new hairdryer’s superior texture and wonderful looks were the key points of emphasis. This spot adds a wow factor with some captivating exploded views.

Timeline for the project: 3 weeks from Storyboard creation to 3D animation rendering

5- SSR 3DProduct Video/ 3D Explainer Video

Some technical products need a very custom video to deliver the message and to be understandable to the audience. SSR has an innovative product to clean warehouses. They have up-to-date technology to use a vibrator motor which is more efficient.

Testimonial: 5 Reviews on Clutch

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Can AI make a 3D Product animation video?

Unfortunately, AI can’t produce a 3D product video that can compete with the quality standard we have now in the market, however, in the future, this can happen. AI is revolutionizing all of industries and product videos is no different

Making a commercial for a new product is not an easy thing.
There are a lot of obstacles that you can face during the process. The traditional way of filming a commercial is a great idea, but at the same time, the limitations are huge. For example, framing may not be ideal during the shot. Some errors may lead to re-shooting the video, which means more budget and time.

But are there any alternatives that are more flexible?

Yes, of course, 3D product animation is an ideal choice to try!

You may ask, what are the benefits that I will get if I decided to go with 3D product animation videos.

The benefits are countless!

Benefits of 3D product animation video:

1- It has the flexibility that the traditional way of filming lacks. Everything is digital in the world of 3D, so you can do whatever you want. And the options are huge.

2- Making engaging visuals that are impossible to do using traditional ways. For example, you can use exploded views for the product. Exploded view shots allow are really engaging and satisfying to watch. It shows how the product is assembled together while each part goes into its place.

3- 3D Product animation videos are trending now!
More and more companies are using animation videos for product commercials. The major brands and market leaders nowadays prefer to use animation videos more than ever. So if decided to go with 3D animation, you are establishing your product as a premium one spontaneously.

4- if you kept using 3D animation videos for your product, this can be a way of branding. Have you ever thought of that? People can recognize the videos your company will release from the first second. And you are following the big companies in the way they release the videos.

5- Animation videos are unique. Let’s face it. Most people are afraid of trying new things and they are using the same thing they used to. Let’s say that you are selling a product and none of your competitors have used 3D animation before. Isn’t that a chance to excel and lead the market?
3D product animation videos are so clear and sell the idea faster than you think. How can you film your product from inside in traditional ways? It is almost impossible. But using 3D animation can make this way easier and this way you are adding value to the product. And adding value increases your conversion rate which means more revenue at the end.

How much does a 3D product animation video cost?

A short Answer: it ranges from $5000 – to $10,000 and sometimes for complex projects it can cost up to $20,000

With advanced technology, things are getting simpler and easier
Previously, Producing a 3D Animated Explainer product video was only for market leaders and mega brands like Apple, Samsung, and Mercedes due to the complexity of the process in the past, it was time-consuming and really expensive

But there are many factors that determine the cost of a 3D Product Animation video:

Complexity of the Product:

  • sometimes, a 15-second video can be more complex and cost more than 1-minute video.
    More intricate products with detailed features or moving parts may require additional time and resources to animate.
    Length and Detail: Longer videos or those with high levels of detail will generally incur higher costs due to the increased production time and complexity, because rendering requires high computing powers and sometimes the 3D video needs to be rendered in a render farm for faster rendering which adds to the cost of the video

Length and Detail:

As mentioned previously, longer videos or those with high levels of detail will generally incur higher costs due to the increased production time and complexity. but the price range of $5000 – $10,000 can make a 30-60 second 3D product animation video

Quality of Animation:

Higher-quality animations, such as those with photorealistic rendering or advanced special effects like what you see in Disney movies, typically come with a higher price tag.
We highly recommend that if you decide to take the 3D product animation direction, you should seek realistic results if you have the budget, because making the video with poor quality in 2024 can be so harmful to your brand, especially in these modern days of technology.


There is no doubt that using a 3D product animation video is the most modern, efficient way to promote a product on social media, websites and all different channels. As we said, 3D product animation / 3D Explainer video can be produced quickly while preserving a cinematic quality that can elevate your brand and contribute to a better ROI in marketing campaigns

If you want to boost your sales and make an awesome video like what you have seen, feel free to book a call directly with our team or contact us using this email.
let’s get in touch and make an awesome video!

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