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What is a 3D Product animation video?

3D product animation videos are a new way of presenting your product to your target audience. It is a way of filming your product but instead of making this in the real world, you make this in the digital world.

And nowadays it is not something cartoony but it looks so realistic and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a real video and a CGI (Computer generated Imagery).


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Making a commercial for a new product is not an easy thing.
There are a lot of obstacles that you can face during the process. The traditional way of filming a commercial is a great idea, but at the same time, the limitations are huge. For example, framing may not be ideal during the shot. Some errors may lead to re-shooting the video, which means more budget and time.

But are there any alternatives that are more flexible?

Yes, of course, 3D product animation is an ideal choice to try!

You may ask, what are the benefits that I will get if I decided to go with 3D product animation videos.

The benefits are countless!

Benefits of 3D product animation video:

1- It has the flexibility that the traditional way of filming lacks. Everything is digital in the world of 3D, so you can do whatever you want. And the options are huge.

2- Making engaging visuals that are impossible to do using traditional ways. For example, you can use exploded views for the product. Exploded view shots allow are really engaging and satisfying to watch. It shows how the product is assembled together while each part goes into its place.

3- 3D Product animation videos are trending now!
More and more companies are using animation videos for product commercials. The major brands and market leaders nowadays prefer to use animation videos more than ever. So if decided to go with 3D animation, you are establishing your product as a premium one spontaneously.

4- if you kept using 3D animation videos for your product, this can be a way of branding. Have you ever thought of that? People can recognize the videos your company will release from the first second. And you are following the big companies in the way they release the videos.

5- Animation videos are unique. Let’s face it. Most people are afraid of trying new things and they are using the same thing they used to. Let’s say that you are selling a product and none of your competitors have used 3D animation before. Isn’t that a chance to excel and lead the market?
3D product animation videos are so clear and sell the idea faster than you think. How can you film your product from inside in traditional ways? It is almost impossible. But using 3D animation can make this way easier and this way you are adding value to the product. And adding value increases your conversion rate which means more revenue at the end.

How much does a 3D product animation video cost?

If you want a short answer, generally speaking, a 60 seconds 3D product animation video costs around $3000. it can be slightly higher or lower. but for a long answer, it depends. there is some 3D product animated video that costs much more than $3000, some of them reach $10,000. but you may ask why?
this really depends on the complexity of the video itself. because some shots are really complex and may take a few months to be completed.

We collected some of the best animated videos produced recently. Our 3D animation studio produces similar videos.

1- Samsung:

Samsung is one of the most famous companies releasing premium products. It is considered one of the market leaders in the electronics industry. Samsung uses 3D animation in most of the products released. One of the most famous videos they release was the Samsung notebook plus 2 laptop. The video is so satisfying to watch. The commercial is colorful and contains lots of cool motion graphics. In the end, it shows how premium the laptop looks. The lighting in this commercial is so cinematic and simple at the same time. There are also some cool fabric simulations and balloons.

At our 3D animation company, we made some shots inspired by this video. We made the same effect of the balloons that go in the direction of the laptop. You can watch this shot from here in the following video.

2- Nike 3D Product animation video:

Nike is of course one of the biggest companies producing shoes and sportswear. Nike leans heavily on 3D product animation when it comes to releasing commercials for new products. One of the most exciting commercials they have released is the hypervenom. It is really cinematic and the pace of the video is so fast. There are some shots that show how the shoes are transformed to venom skin. The lighting in this commercial was dark and mysterious. A lot of jump cuts are used moving along with glitching sound effects. This video was produced by a 3D motion design studio called ManvsMachine. 

We at the studio produced a commercial video for shoes before. We showed some shots where the threads of the shoes are going to their position. We also made a revealing shot for the shoe

3D product animation video of a shoe

3- Microsoft:

Microsoft has several product lines. Their products are either Hardware like laptops or phones or software like Windows. Recently most of the videos they produce are 3D animations.

The most cinematic videos produced by Microsoft are the surface pro videos. In terms of lighting, they have videos that have dark lighting and others that are bright. The main lighting technique that they use in their videos is 3 point lighting. It is achieved simply by making 1 light is called a key light (the main light source of the scene). The second source of light is called the fill light. The role of the fill light is to brighten some shadows in the scene. And finally the backlight. The backlight is used to make the edges shine and to separate them from the background. This way of lighting is used in films, TV series, and commercials. So as 3D is a digital world, we can copy the same lighting techniques used to produce photorealistic 3D images.

Here are some examples of the 3 point lighting technique they used.  

We have also produced a video before that shows how we apply the same way of lighting to produce cinematic 3D product animations.

4- Google:

Google is known of course as the world’s best search engine. It produces awesome software and programs that help people in their work. But in addition to that, google produce hardware. They have product lines for phones (like the  Google pixel 6)

We will talk specifically about the google pixel 6 launch video. The video was so cinematic and full of interesting visuals. The video has many shots with light sweep effects (lights move along the phone). Also, they wanted to show that this mobile phone is waterproof. So they used water simulation in some shots. Another way of showing this is by adding water bubbles to the body of the phone. The lighting in this 3D animation video is characterized by being simple. The minimal look is the main look. They added some shadows of leaves and trees to the background. Speaking of the google pixel, we at the studio collaborated with another studio in London (Unreasonable studio) to produce some still images for the launch of the new google pixel 6.

3D Animation Studio Dr-VFX

5- Logitech 3D Product Animation:

Logitech is a unique company but it has a very specific niche. As you may know, Logitech is specialized in computer accessories. They sell keyboards, speakers, etc.
But they also use 3D animation videos for their product launch. And this is proof that animation videos are not for one specific industry but any company can use it despite the category of their products. In this example, they used outstanding visuals. The revealing shot of the mouse in this commercial is so unique. They used some particle simulations that form the shape of the mouse.


You should give 3D product animation videos a try especially if it is something new in your industry. You can lead the market and start a trend. You will excel your competitors easily. Your conversion rates will increase because you engaged your viewers with outstanding visuals that you can’t do with traditional ways. 

If you want to boost your sales and make an awesome video like what you have seen, let’s get in touch and make an awesome video!

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