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How to make a product video like Apple?

Apple is of course a pioneer company. The launch event of Apple products is one of the most awaited events every year.


Consequently, the Launch video of Apple products is always a trend. What makes the video unique is the quality, The video always has a cinematic look and it feels so realistic however, everything is computer generated.

So we are here to analyze apple videos so you can get some ideas about the process.

1- You should show the elegant design in the product video

Let’s be honest. In most cases, people buy with their emotions. They always want to feel good feeling about themselves. Your video should show how elegant your product is. This is so important so that your product looks premium and of course, this could raise the overall value of the company.

2-The Product video ad should show the problem you solve

This is so obvious, however, there are many product videos that don’t pay enough attention to this. Let’s see an example, if Apple developed their iPhone Camera, they say “Hollywood quality videos”. This is much better than saying the best camera on the market. Customers will love to shoot Hollywood-quality videos while saying “the best camera on the market” isn’t that attractive.

3- Use abstract ideas

Let’s say that your product has a very strong body, it is more eye-catching to show this as a shockwave as we did here.
This showed how strong the body of the product is and at the same time, it is interesting to watch which makes the watch time of your product video increase. And this will help you in the organic reach as the algorithm will identify this video to be a good one and recommends it to more people.


Imagine your product video as a sales agent that you hire one time. but he will keep working for you forever

The video you make about your product is your sales agent.

He will say exactly what you say.
No mistakes

This sales agent can be promoted by Google. he may rank on the first page.

Extremely huge exposure.
He will not take a commission whatever the number of sales he makes. ( He will perform like crazy)

Life changer
You should think wisely about this investment.

If you need any help with your next product video, feel free to reach out. we can guide you to achieve the best results

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