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How has 3D motion Design Changed the advertising industry?

One of the most evolving and modern ways of storytelling is 3D Motion design. 

When any company decides to launch a new campaign for a new product, there must be a story and a purpose behind it.

All commercials made by those companies have a story, there is something they want to tell to their target audience so they are engaged with the ad and consequently buy the products.

Storytelling has evolved over the years and there are a lot of techniques that have been done by companies for this specific target (Engaging Clients)

What is the meaning of 3D Motion Design?

Motion design is a way to use graphics and illustrations and applies the same principles of filmmaking to make a scene or animation that illustrates an idea or shows a feature in a product, so let’s say that there is a certain product that has a strong body, we can show it causing some cracks when it hits the ground or destroying a rock, just like we did before.

3D motion design Studio

Rolex watch – 3D Product Animation

Another idea that can be done is to make some creative reveal shots for the product using 3D motion design
In this shoe commercial, we did before, we did an abstract reveal shot for the shoe
We made a leading edge illuminating light to show the shoe, we have also used some particle simulations.
In addition to that, you can show the assembly of the product and we will mention here the shoe 3D product animation again.
We showed how the shoe threads go into the shoes and there are a lot of examples and ideas to be done here.

Shoe Commercial – 3D Motion Design

Some 3D motion designers use an effect called folding so the product is folded in a small part then it is unfolded to be in its original shape.

Another example that is so stunning to watch is to make an exploded view of the product, here we show the internal parts of the product and how it works in the background, this is usually done by electronics companies to illustrate a new technology in the product. We – Our 3D Product animation Studio– have done a shot like this in collaboration with 0917.
We wanted to show the interior of the speakers in an interesting way so we managed to separate the interior into parts and move each part away from each other. And the secret of such shots is to break the uniformity of the animation, for example when each part returns to its original position, there should be some variation instead of them being returned to their position at the same time.

Look nowhere else!
There are a lot of people providing 3D product animation / 3D Motion Design but Andrew and his team really excel in cinematic and photorealistic animation. They came up with creative ideas that helped our products stand out from the competitors. I recommend the studio to anyone who wants to make an awesome product animation video

Heinritzh SalesArt Director- 0917

3D Motion Design video for 0917

3D Motion Design in the Cosmetics Industry

3D motion design is not restricted only to electronics commercials, it is used in cosmetics commercial ads too. And at the studio, we have done similar projects for the cosmetics industry.
In this example, we wanted to show how the product can make the skin smoother and softer by applying the product.
So we managed to make a shot that illustrates the transformation of the skin from rough and dark to smooth and shiny. We made it in the form of a wave that goes up and then goes down revealing the softer skin after applying the skincare product.

Cosmetics 3D product visualization

Cosmetics 3D Product Animation Video

Another shot in the same commercial is dropping the product in a pool of cream. These types of shots are used to give a feeling of how the product makes the skin softer and it is probably used in all commercials related to skincare. We used specific motion design tools and simulation tools that mimic the behavior of the fluid.
These type of shots are considered complex to some extent and requires a huge processing power generally speaking motion design and 3D rendering requires huge processing power and takes a lot longer than 2D rendering.

Cosmetics 3D Product visualization

Check our youtube videos from this HERE

Cosmetics video ideas

Companies using 3D motion design:

1- Nike:

Nike is considered one of the leading companies that use motion design when they launch a new product. They show the features of their shoes in a very creative way. Their shoes may be water resistant so they can show this in many ways, one of the coolest ways of showing this is that they made a shield around the shoes to protect them against rain.

3D product animation


Microsoft really excels when they make a commercial ad with 3D. Their commercials are always colorful with a unique style.
They produce many products but the videos of their laptops are the most visually interesting commercials. They also have many styles in lighting the scene, some of them are dark, others are bright and colorful.
They show some exploded views to show the new technology in their processors. The most recent video they released was Windows 11 launch. The video has a blue color scheme and it is characterized by interesting looking abstract shapes.


Apple being one of the leading companies in the tech industry should really focus on every detail in their videos. They lean heavily on motion design, especially in their latest projects. One of the most exciting projects is done with a studio called XK Studio.
You can check it out on their website from here.

3d product animation Dr-VFX


Razer is a really unique company with their commercials because they produce more than one line of products. Line for laptops and also some accessories. And they take the same road of producing commercials with 3D and motion graphics like the previously mentioned companies in all their product lines.

One of their most exciting videos is done for the launch of their new mouse. The video was full of nice cuts. The overall look of the video was dark and had dramatic lighting. They used some particle simulation in this commercial which turned out to be so cool and the music and sound design was working going with the animation in a very cinematic way.

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