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Your Guide to 3D product animation videos

What is product animation?

3D product animation

3D product animation videos are a new and modern way to show off the features of your product. Every day more and more industries are shifting to 3D due to its flexibility and the unlimited creative options they can choose from.


3D product visualization became a major part of the advertising industry and most of the leading companies are using it instead of using the traditional way of filming the product using real cameras.

3D Product Visualization commercial for a shoe

How to Include Animated Videos in a Marketing Strategy?

Cosmetics 3D product visualization

1- First of all, as one working in marketing, you should have a plan about how do you want to show your product, What is its strength, How it is compared to your competitors and How can you excel in this competition.

Using 3D animation videos for your product can be a way of branding if you notice the latest videos made by OPPO are all made using 3D animation. So this way OPPO has established a way for itself to show off the features of their phones

3D product animation

2- Create a storyboard, just simple illustrations, sketches, or even youtube videos you liked, so it can be used as a reference.
Check our youtube playlist for 3D product visualization videos from here.

3- Create the 3D animation itself, this step requires a specialized 3D studio or it may be called a CGI studio (Computer Generated Imagery).

The first step is always making the 3D model of the product, this step requires an accurate and detailed 3D artist to start mimicking the product and try as much as possible to be like the real product.

Then 3D product visualization starts, using high-end tools and specific programs that are physically accurate and simulate how the light reacts in real life.

3D product animation videos are then rendered and this requires some computers that are more capable than average computers. As 3D rendering requires much processing power.

4- the final step is adding music and sound effects to the final sequence, sometimes this step requires special studios that deliver high-quality sound effects that are relevant to the scenes.

Skincare 3D product visualization

Cosmetics video ideas

Which software is used for 3D product animation?

There are a lot of programs and dedicated software out there that are able to produce photorealistic high quality 3D product animation videos.

The most well known software are Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, and Houdini

These programs are not just used for making 3D commercial videos for products but also they are used in Holywood and the VFX industry.

3D Product Visualization Commercial for 0917 made by our Studio

How much does a 3D product animation cost?

The price of 3D animation is a very wide topic and there are a lot of things that should be considered in order to set the final price
One of these factors and probably the most important one is the length of the video

Because 1 second contains 24 frames (24 images needed to be rendered to form 1 second) and each frame may take about 3-5 minutes according to the complexity of the scene, but some frames may take more than 30 minutes and it also depends on the hardware used for rendering.

Examples of some 3D product animation videos:

There are many examples that you can use in your campaign to boost your sales.

From these examples is to use some simulations to show off some specific features, for example, if your product is waterproof then you can show this by using visuals showing the product in a water tank for example.

A Fluid simulation we did at the studio for a chocolate commercial.

3D product commercial for a Watch:

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