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How can Marketing managers sell millions of products by 3D product animation?

3d product animation Dr-VFX

There is a lot of competition out there in all industries and it is getting harder and harder with time. Using 3D product animation and 3d product visualization become a new weapon and a heavy weapon actually. Many marketing teams now prefer to use 3D product animation other than the traditional ways of advertising because it feels more premium to the viewer. It gives a strong impact that the company is premium and provides high quality products.

3D product animation

3D product animation video is considered a virtual way to showcase your product using an accurate and detailed 3D representation of the actual product.
Then the 3D product is used and filmed using digital cameras in a specific software as it is done with real cameras

3D product animation is considered a virtual commercial, everything is digital even the lights, you can change the lighting conditions, the light colors, and position with simple clicks.
So can you imagine?

3D product visualization is way more flexible than the old way of filming the product by real cameras, you can art direct the scene and produce a variety of different concepts in a very short time.

Click HERE and see our playlist showing how we make 3D product animation!

How much does a 3D Product animation video cost?

The price of animation videos varies according to many factors. these factors include length, resolution, and complexity. but generally speaking a 30 seconds 3D animation video costs $2000- $4000. of course, nowadays technology makes things cheaper and cheaper. In the past, producing a 3D animation was only available for very big studios as the processing power required was huge. but thanks to technology, it became more affordable. processors became faster and can do many complex things in a shorter period of time. this also allowed small studios that are getting started to compete with big studios and also allowed small business to afford the cost of 3D animation videos

How to make 3D animation for free?

3D product animation videos now can be made easier than before.
Most 3D software now is subscription-based. you have to pay the company around $30-$40/month to use their program. other programs like Maya or 3Ds max from Autodesk costs around $1500/year. other programs have fixed prices. but when it comes to free programs, Blender 3D is considered the best option in the market. so you can make as many 3D product animation videos as you want because it is free forever (no trial versions)
But learning 3D animation is not that easy. it may take around 2-3 months just to learn the basics of 3D animation. but if you have the consistency and practice regularly, you can achieve really amazing results in 1-2 years.
but this is in case you have time to learn 3D and run your business at the same time. so if we are talking about time-saving, hiring a 3D animation company or a specialist will save you much time. and you will also be sure of the results without investing in 3D software if you have chosen the paid programs.

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How do you make a 3D animated video for marketing?

Being organized can make the process of creating a 3D animated video much easier, the steps are:

1- You should make a storyboard that will act as a guide as the process goes on.
2- Make the 3D model of the product, usually a lot of photos should be taken so the 3D modeler can make the 3D model as accurate as possbile.
3- Applying materials to the model, and this means coloring the 3D model and giving it the same texture as the real product either shiny or rough for example.
4- Animate the camera and the product, a 3d product animation video may be characterized by the slow pace other can be so dynamic with fast camera motion. it depends on the branding and impression you want to give to your viewers.
5- Final step is rendering, this is a time consuming step and requires some processing power. 3D rendering now is so realistic and in some images you can’t tell that the visuals are 3D but you will think that they are realistic ones

How can 3D product animation video help with SEO?

While everybody is trying to rank their websites in search, there is another way that most people don’t care much about which is videos?
if you are using google search using any keyword, most of the times videos come first even before the website ranking number 1.
so if you made a good 3D product animation video there is a really big chance that your video will rank in google search even if your website doesn’t.
making a good 3D product animation video is not easy. your video should engage your audience as long as possible so google algorithm will recommend your 3D animated video in search to more viewers which means more exposure and more sales.

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Benefits of 3D product animation video:

Cosmetics video ideas
Ambient occlusion

3D product animation can be a way of branding, a way that can make the audience identify the company by just seeing a few seconds of the commercial.
Many companies use 3D product visualization and improve their branding this way, for example, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and even skincare companies like Paris Hilton skincare company. So it is not limited to electronic products. It can be used for pretty much any product.

3D animation for products also can be used to attract a lot of organic traffic when it is posted online so all possible platforms.
Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc…

How 3D product animation video is useful in marketing?

3D Product animation video may be the right choice for your business. it can help you in marketing your products in several ways. first of all, it sells the idea easily by allowing you to explain exactly what you want. think about this. if your product has a certain way of operation. using 3D animated videos with illustrations and showing how it operates step by step will encourage the viewers to buy your product

Click HERE to see Creative examples for 3D product visualization

1- It has the flexibility that the traditional way of filming lacks. Everything is digital in the world of 3D, so you can do whatever you want. And the options are huge.

2- Making engaging visuals that are impossible to do using traditional ways. For example, you can use exploded views for the product. Exploded view shots allow are really engaging and satisfying to watch. It shows how the product is assembled together while each part goes into its place.

3- 3D Product animation videos are trending now!
More and more companies are using animation videos for product commercials. The major brands and market leaders nowadays prefer to use animation videos more than ever. So if decided to go with 3D animation, you are establishing your product as a premium one spontaneously.

How is 3D Animation Used in Marketing?

3D product animation

Animation brings the power of imagination and creativity to your marketing and has grown far beyond cereal or game ads. It gives you the power to demonstrate almost any product or service to your clients, sometimes so real that it’s hard to believe it’s not the actual video.

So in the end, Imagine having a video that establishes your brand premium and gives an impact that you offer premium high quality products!

Get in touch and let’s make an awesome video!

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